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Where to Buy Fanatec? – The Best Sources!

Amid the popularity surge in sim racing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of many products have seen a stark decline. This particularly holds true for Fanatec, one of the biggest sim racing companies producing high-end realistic simulation hardware. In this article, we will detail where to buy Fanatec products including authorized resellers and the secondhand market.

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From the onset, the supply of Fanatec products have seen a significant shock since the start of the pandemic, with popular products constantly being out of stock. There’s also an issue with extended delays in shipment after purchase . However, the product quality definitely makes up for the hiccups in logistics. They are renown for providing the community with realistic simulation hardware, curated towards sim racing enthusiasts. From developing high quality sim racing wheel bases to pedals and shifters, Fanatec’s remarkable design and engineering is sourced in Germany.

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Where to Buy Fanatec Products from?


Prior to making a decision to buy Fanatec hardware from re-sellers or secondhand, I’d recommend checking out Fanatec’s website first. Depending on the popularity of the product, Fanatec restocks are quite frequent on recently released products. For instance, the new Gran Turismo DD Pro and CSL DD seems to refresh almost every month thus far.

On Fanatec’s forum, there’s also an active section where individuals can buy Fanatec hardware. However, the risk is with the buyers and sellers and Fanatec is not responsible for any transaction that takes place. You can visit the Fanatec Forum through this link.


The first authorized reseller site that comes to mind is Digital-Motorsports.com. This is a company that specializes in sim racing hardware across some of the most popular brands including Fanatec, Simucube, Cube Controls, Heusinkveld, Gomez Sim Industries, etc. Their phenomenal expertise in sim racing makes Digital Motorsports them the go-to option to buy Fanatec products.

Please follow this link if you’re interested in purchasing from Digital-Motorsports.com!

The site stocks a variety of Fanatec products, which spans from wheel bases to accessories and add-ons. The prices are very reasonable, sometimes you can even find deals where the price is cheaper than Fanatec. However, be weary of any import charges if you are living outside of Europe. Simpleduty.com is a fantastic tool for estimating the cost to import goods from Europe to your designated country.

When purchasing from Digital Motorsports, the price of shipping can be quite hefty as well, particularly if you’re living outside of Europe. However, the shipping and handling times is excellent and you can expect to receive your goods safely in a respectable timeframe. Shipping costs are dynamically calculated, but is available worldwide.

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Pagnian Imports

Pagnian Imports is an award winning Australian owned company that offers Fanatec products. Similar to Digital Motorsports, the team has expertise over the Fanatec simulation products, so they would be able to assist in providing its customers with knowledge on how to set up their gear. Pagnian Imports also offers free shipping Australia wide, which is a huge advantage to Australians looking to purchase Fanatec products. If you’re also local in Australia, it would mean that you do not need to pay any import costs as the goods are shipped from domestically.

However, the limitation to Pagnian Imports is that the pricing of Fanatec products is higher than Fanatec and Digital Motorsports.

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The most viable option for purchasing Fanatec second hand hardware is through the Fanatec Buy & Sell group on Facebook. This page is constantly updated with individuals looking to sell their used Fanatec goods. It’s particularly helpful when you have a community helping you out and letting you know whether the post is a scam or if the item is priced too high. You can decipher this from the comments and reactions to the Facebook post.

Our recommendation for being safe when purchasing on Facebook groups or marketplace, is to ensure that you contact the seller and validate the items before sending any money. It’s also important to analyze their profile to see if they have sold any items previously. If they have sold used Fanatec products before, or if they have a long tenure in the Facebook group, chances of them being legit is much higher.

If you’re looking to make a big purchase, it’s recommended that you purchase locally, to inspect the item and avoid any chance of being scammed. However, there are some great deals to buy Fanatec products at great prices.


With the surge in demand to buy Fanatec products, it’s important to consider other sources of purchasing outside of Fanatec’s proprietary website. In the above, these are some fantastic sources of purchasing Fanatec goods. Again, if you’re looking to purchase a second hand product, be sure to carry out the necessary checks to avoid being scammed.

On the other hand, Fanatec isn’t the only sim racing brand that offers high quality sim racing products. We have some amazing articles for the best sim racing wheel bases and pedals. Be sure to check them out as well!

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