Thrustmaster T300RS GT

Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition Review

With the overwhelming success of the T300RS, Thrustmaster and Gran Turismo collaborated to release the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition. This is a wheel you shouldn’t miss out on!

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Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner starting out, there’s no denying that a quality racing wheel can elevate your gameplay to the next level in sim racing. If you’re in the market for a mid-range wheel, the Thrustmaster T300RS GT may be the wheel for you. With its realistic feedback and precise controls, you’ll be able to hone your skills and take your racing career to the next level. We’ll be discussing the features, benefits and drawbacks of buying the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition wheel.

Thrustmaster is a renowned brand in the sim racing community for producing racing wheels which range from budget to high end racing gear. The Thrustmaster T300RS GT is a fantastic wheel which produces force feedback through belts, rather than a gear-driven system. This provides the wheel with the perfect blend of power and smoothness and an amplified sense of immersion which you won’t find in many other wheels at this price point.

Difference Between Gear and Belt Driven Systems

Your first question might be, what exactly is a belt-driven system and how does it differ from a gear-driven system? For starters, a gear-driven system utilizes a small motor that is attached to a series of gears which delivers force feedback. However, this method of generating force feedback is often notchy, noisy and lacking in fidelity.

In contrast, belt driven wheels create force feedback through a belt and pulley system and a small motor. This small motor generates force feedback which passes through the belt and to the wheel rim. By utilizing this method of generating torque, the motor creates much smoother force feedback compared to traditional, cheaper force feedback wheels.


The Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition is a feature packed wheel that offers value for performance. Out of the box, the T300RS comes with a GT Edition wheel, belt-driven wheel base and a premium pedal set. This sim racing set is priced incredibly competitive, being much cheaper than other belt-driven wheels including the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5. This wheel is currently priced at $549 USD on Amazon.

T300 RS GT - Cover

Thrustmaster T300 RS GT

High-end racing simulator featuring 1080 Degree Force Feedback racing wheel industrial-class brushless motor Super smooth and seamless Force Feedback effect ultra-responsive.


So, now that we have explained the difference between gear and belt-driven systems – how good is the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition? We’ll be breaking down the analysis under a few categories. Design, Performance, Features, Ecosystem, Software support and Compatibility. By the end of this article, you will have a fantastic idea of whether the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition fits your sim racing needs.


The T300RS GT Edition features an elegant yet minimalistic design. This is a premium looking product featuring an 11″ diameter racing wheel constructed with brushed metal and reinforced rubber texture on the wheel’s entire circumference. The construction of this wheel ensures that it will be able to last for years, even through aggressive usage. Additionally, the added grip from rubber texture on the wheel ensures that it won’t be slipping out of your hands in the rough corners.

Included in the T300RS GT Edition, is a set of T3PA – GT Edition Pedal set, which features three pedals (clutch, brake and throttle) that features a 100% metal internal structure. Additionally, brake pedal features progressive resistance and comes with a Conical Rubber Brake Mod. The accelerator and clutch pedals are also adjustable in both height and spacing. These are pretty decent pedals to start with, especially since they are complimentary with the purchase of the T300RS GT Edition.

T300 RS GT
T300 RS GT


The T300RS GT Edition features realistic, accurate and precise feeling to the user’s hands. The wheel features a fast and powerful brushless servomotor, meaning that the wheel base transmits extremely smooth and quiet force feedback. There is no notchy feeling with what you get from a gear-driven system, instead you get tactile precision when your car is being pushed to the limit. Additionally, the dual-belt system in the wheel ensures that is little to no-feeling of dead zone, providing for the optimal realism in all racing environments. From a technical perspective, the Thrustmaster T300RS GT offers 3.9 Nm of torque and a maximum rotation of 1080 degrees. This means, whether your favorite title consists of drifting, free-driving or racing, this wheel will output enough power and rotation.


Where the Thrustmaster T300RS GT excels in, is in the ecosystem department. With this detachable wheel, you have access to multiple alternatives which you can buy as an add-on. Whether you plan on drifting, racing in GT cars or Formula cars, there is definitely a wheel that will suit you. This includes the Rally Wheel Add-on Sparco R383 Mod, Formula Wheel Add-on Ferrari SF1000 Edition, Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on, 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Add-on Alcantara edition, TM Open Wheel Add-on and Ferrari 250 GTO Wheel Add-on. The commonality between all these rims are that they feature rigidity, durability, comfort and performance.

T300 RS GT - Banner
T300 RS GT – Banner


The Thrustmaster T300RS GT force feedback racing wheel is currently compatible across PC, PS3, PS4 and PS5. Unfortunately, this wheel is not licensed to be used on the Xbox. If you want to enter the Thrustmaster ecosystem with an Xbox console, we would definitely recommend the Verdict

The T300RS GT Edition is a fantastic wheel that offers true value for money. If you’re in the market for a wheel that gives you true sim racing immersion while being under the cost of the usual direct drive price, then this is a fantastic choice. The wheel has high fidelity force feedback, where it’s guaranteed to keep you in the immersion over extended periods of racing. The customizability is definitely one of the clear advantages of this wheel as it gives you the ability to change between other premium wheel rims that will suit your style of driving. Lastly, the included pedal set is also a fantastic addition to those who want to purchase a wheel and pedal set that will be compatible with one another right out the box. Overall, with all the fantastic features that this wheel offers, I definitely recommend the Thrustmaster T300RS GT if you aren’t ready to fork out the money for a direct drive wheel yet!

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