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The Best Digital Sim Racing Dashboards

A digital Sim Racing Dashboard can add a unique flare to your sim racing setup. These applications are usually free or come at a very low cost, so it’s an affordable way to upgrade your setup. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best digital sim racing dashboards available, and how to set it up.

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What is a Digital Sim Racing Dashboard?

One key element to improving your sim racing experience is the use of a dashboard in your simulation. A digital sim racing dashboard is a fantastic tool that consists of many functionalities which can influence your lap times and driving experience. For instance, the dashboard can analyze racing telemetry, vehicle status and positioning in real-time, offering you a competitive advantage over your rivals. It’s a really useful tool that enables you to view all the important data in one screen.

A digital sim racing dashboard comes at a very low barrier of entry. The application itself is usually free, but there are normally DLCs which need to be bought in order to enable it for a specific game. Before you go ahead and buy one, we have jumped into the trenches to tell you which ones we think are the best digital sim racing dashboards that offer excellent features, customization and compatibility.


There are many considerations which need to be taken into account when purchasing a digital sim racing dashboard. This includes, understanding which functionality is important to you, the customization that is available and of course the compatibility of the software to your favorite game or mobile device. Below, we will be covering these factors and how it will influence your decision.


Each application available offers different functionality, however, not everything might be applicable to you. For instance, some applications might offer vanilla functionality such as displaying simple racing telemetry while others have built-in real-time map, virtual button box and much more.


Customization is an important aspect when deciding on which digital sim racing dashboard is suitable for you. Typically, with all digital sim racing dashboards, it will allow you to customize different visuals of the HUD. Some may replicate the appearance of a real life counterpart while others allow you to customize it to your liking. This includes the ability to select which telemetry data to show on your screen and where to show it on your screen. Additionally, if you aren’t bothered with customizing your own dashboard, there are many preconfigured dashboards that are downloadable.


The first and foremost consideration that needs to be made is the compatibility of the digital sim racing dashboard to your racing sim game and also the type of device that you have.

Additionally, depending on the game that you are racing on, each application offers different compatibility support to a game. For example, not all applications support games like rFactor, F1 2021, Assetto Corsa, etc. Hence, it’s also important to inspect the game compatibility before downloading or making your purchase.

There are digital sim racing applications that are only compatible with android or apple devices exclusively, and does not offer cross-compatibility. Hence, before you invest any time or money into the application have a look at the OS compatibility. This is usually available on the download section of the software. Compatibility support information is usually available on the download page of the software and should be the first element you look at!



SimHub is a highly recommended digital dashboard for sim racing that’s available across PC and mobile. There is a wide array of telemetry dashboards that’s available by default, but you can also customize your own or download templates from their discord server as well. Furthermore, with the proprietary Dash Studio application that comes with SimHub, you can customize your own dashboard with multiple widgets, texts and images. If you are looking for a customizable dashboard, then look no further to SimHub as this is your best option.

This application is the superior option for those who are looking for support across multiple games, whether they’re new or old titles. SimHub supports a wide variety of games and can be used on your PC, Android or Apple device. This software also has fantastic support through their discord group where there is plenty of useful information and resource available. There are also regular updates that are made to the software to address bugs/crashes and adding support to various games. SimHub has become my daily driver for my sim racing rig as it’s so reliable and has fantastic support across multiple games.

From a pricing perspective, SimHub offers permanent access to their license for only €6.00 EUR which is inconceivable given how great the software runs on multiple games and platform. To get the license, you will need to make a PayPal donation through their link in the SimHub application or website. The license key is then delivered to your PayPal e-mail within 24 hours. Though this software is free, I would highly recommend making a donation to unlock the full functionality of this application.

Personally, SimHub has been a fantastic compliment to my Sim Racing setup as it enables convenient access to what I need to be shown on my telemetry display as well as offering great support on the forums and discord server.

Available to download here.


If you are looking for a digital sim dashboard that offers superior compatibility across different devices and platforms, then DashPanel is a fantastic option. There is a wide array of features that can be displayed on the dash including speed, gear, RPM, lap times, track temperatures and tire wear. Additionally, the application enables its users to customize the dashboard to their own preference through its included editor. In the editor, users can modify built in dashboards or build one from scratch, meaning they can choose what they would like to display.

Furthermore, it supports a broad range of games on PC from American Truck Simulator to iRacing (You can view the full compatibility list on their Steam page). For Consoles, there is limited support to only a few games such as F1 (2017-2021), Project Cars 1 & 2, Assetto Corsa (PlayStation) and Forza (Xbox).

From a pricing perspective, DashPanel is completely free if you choose to use the basic version that allows you to view RPM, speed and gear. However, if you would like to unlock other advanced features such as tracking lap times, then the full version will need to be purchased.

Overall, DashPanel is a great option that is used by many streams and offers many great functionality at a great price.

Available to download here.

Race Dash for Sim Games

Race Dash for Sim Games is an excellent telemetry dashboard option for those who are looking for an easy to use option. There are multiple useful telemetry displays that have been prebuilt and are useful for displaying information such as fuel load, lap times, tire temperature, vehicle condition, etc. I’ve found this application to be particularly useful when driving in F1 2021 as the information is readily available without the need to toggle through my MFD screen. This allows me to focus on my race and achieve quicker lap times.

Similar to earlier recommendations, this application has fantastic game compatibility across the biggest sim racing titles including Assetto Corsa, F1, Project Cars and Forza. Similar to DashPanel, there is limited support to only a few games such as F1 (2016-2021), Project Cars 1 & 2, Assetto Corsa (PlayStation) and Forza (Xbox). Unfortunately with Race Dash for Sim Games, it is only available on the Apple App Store.

In terms of pricing, Race Dash is utilizes a subscription based model on the app store where the local pricing is $2.49 / month or $16.49 / year. Additionally, you can also choose to purchase all dashboards specific to a single game as a one off purchase. For example, you can purchase all dashboards (current and future) for Forza Motorsport 7 for $6.99 one-off.

I would highly recommend Race Dash for Sim Games for individuals who want simplicity in setup and also multiple useful prebuilt dashboards available from the get-go.

Available to download here.

Sim Dashboard

Another great alternative to the other applications that have been mentioned above is Sim Dashboard. There are predefined page templates which you can leverage to start building your own HUD. Endless customizations can be made to your dashboard as the application features more than 200 widgets that can be applied to your display. You can also download hundreds of community designs that’s available across racing, truck and farming simulators.

This is a digital sim racing dashboard that’s available to download across Android devices and PC and offers great support over some of the biggest racing titles across PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The compatibility is supported across multiple titles even in older games. For the full support list, check out their website.

From a pricing perspective, this application is completely free and has received many fantastic reviews on the Android Store for the fantastic features that it offers for free. There is an upgradable version that’s available that contains some pro features such as . However, it isn’t completely necessary which makes this a fantastic option for those who have a tight budget or just starting out.

This is definitely a top pick for those who are looking for a budget friendly option and are starting off in using a digital sim racing dashboard. The only reason why we chose SimHub over Sim Dashboard is due to the lack of support on Apple OS.

Available to download here.


If you are looking to enhance your sim racing immersion, then having a digital sim racing application can be night and day. There are some considerations to take into account such as features, compatibility and pricing. However, we’ve given our best picks for what might be most suitable for you based on our own experience. Our favorite choice at The Downforce is SimHub, but definitely check out the others too!

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