Sim Lab X1-PRO Available for Pre-orders Now!

Sim Lab has recently announced the release of a new sim racing cockpit, the Sim Lab X1-PRO. This cockpit offers unrivalled performance, setting a new benchmark for professional-grade sim racing cockpits. We’ve covered some of the key features below, which makes this one of the most impressive cockpits on the market.

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Sim Lab X1-PRO Features

The design emphasis of the X1-PRO is on comfort and usability, building on the legacy of the P1-X which boasted stability, rigidity and upgradability. Premium grade materials are used across the product, including high quality aluminium extrusion profiles, laser-etched engraving and thick aluminium brackets, ensuring maximum strength and durability on the unit.

Additionally, the X1-Pro offers superior wheel and pedal compatibility across a wide array of leading sim racing manufacturers and brands. This includes Simucube, Fanatec, Heusinkveld, Thrusmaster and Logitech. The robust build of the X1-PRO ensures maximum performance, being able to withstand heavy forces of torque generated by the most demanding direct drive wheels on the market. Aside from the extreme performance of the X1-Pro, it also boasts superior comfort for the driver. It’s easy to manoeuvre in and out of the cockpit because of its spacious design. There’s also a side table which is included out of the box, which makes accessibility easier.

Sim Lab X1-PRO Pricing

The Sim Lab X1-PRO is curated towards sim racing enthusiasts and professionals who are looking for an elevated experience and immersion. The premium experience is reflected in its price, but it’s definitely one worth saving for.

  • X1-PRO cockpit-only – €1,799.00 + shipping
  • X1-PRO including the SPEED1 Black Seat – €2,149.00 + shipping
  • X1-PRO including the SPARCO GRID Seat – € 2,149.00 + shipping
  • X1-PRO including the Sparco Circuit II seat – €2,299.00 + shipping

If you would like to place an order, refer to this link here.


Overall, the profile of the Sim Lab X1-PRO offers very promising innovative features that pushes the boundaries of a sim racing cockpit. The shipping of the X1-PRO is expected to commence in September 2022. Pre-order yours here!

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