Rennsport – Exciting New Sim Racing Game in 2022!

Rennsport is an exciting upcoming sim racing game that’s recently been announced and promises a different approach compared to existing sims. Based on the latest technological advancements, Rennsport will be built on Unreal Engine 5, providing an ultra-realistic experience for sim racers. In this article, we will be summarizing what we know so far!

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The introduction of Rennsport has gotten the sim racing community ecstatic. It seems like it’s been an eternity since PC sim racers have gotten a taste of a new title that’s worth being excited over. The official slogan for Rennsport is “For racers, From racers” and from what we’ve seen so far based on the announcements, we can see promising potential. There hasn’t been an awful lot announcements that have been made thus far. However, we’ve made a short summary of what has been announced so far with the new simulation.

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What We Know So Far

Release Date

From the onset, a closed beta will arrive in Summer 2022 and the open beta will be expected to release in Spring 2023. There’s no official sign up link to the beta at the moment. However, the best way to stay up to date with the latest developments and releases will be to sign up to their newsletter or follow them on Twitter or Instagram. There’s still a long way to go, but the team has released its first images of the prototype. This has proved to sim racers that this project has progressed on the right tangent to creating a revolutionary simulation.

Competition Ready

Rennsport and ESL has made the commitment to bring professional sim racing to the biggest stage. Everything developed from the inception of the project has always geared towards Esports. Rennsport will introduce modern technology that will help foster the evolvement of Esports in sim racing. This includes technology for interacting with audience, professional broadcasting tools and easy to share highlight clips. Additionally, a competition system will reward sportsmanlike behavior.

Real Digital Ownership

Rennsport has boast a platform which enables its users to build their own legacy with individual cars, custom tracks and much more. All the assets will be owned by you, and they will be tradable on the marketplace as well. I’d imagine we’d see an auction-like system in game like Forza Horizon 5. Another exciting feature with Rennsport is that they will provide modding toolkits to the community to create user generated content. Sounds like an exciting platform where individuals can let their creativity run wild.

Next-Gen Graphics

The ultra realistic simulation will be developed on Unreal Engine 5. Rennsport will forge a bold combination of driving physics and ultra-realistic graphics that has been validated by professionals within the automotive industry. The company will be starting from scratch, leveraging modern software architecture to create stunning behind-the-wheel graphics and a wide range of user generated content as an interactive community. From what we’ve seen so far with the images released by Rennsport, we’re convinced that they’re in the right direction.

Image owned by Rennsport.


Overall, we’re super stoked from what we’ve seen from Rennsport so far. The focus on building an Esports-first platform, coupled with ultra-realistic graphics and digital ownership is beyond exciting. There’s still ways to go as there hasn’t been a release of an official trailer. However, stay tuned as we do expect to see exponential increase in announcements across the next couple of months.

To learn more about Rennsport and their upcoming roadmaps and announcements, visit their site here.

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