RaceX Pro Chassis

RaceX Pro Chassis Available Now!

The RaceX Pro Chassis cockpit sets the benchmark for elegant design combined with functionality and raw performance. This cockpit is compatible across all known wheel bases and pedal mounts and is an excellent choice for direct drive wheels.

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The RaceX Pro Chassis retails at a premium price point at € 699.00. However, the construction, quality, customization, compatibility and ergonomics make this sim racing cockpit a fantastic choice for those who are looking for a rigid sim racing cockpit that’s set to last for years.

RaceX Pro Chassis

RaceX Pro Chassis

The RaceX Pro Chassis emulates flare, rigidity and elegance. Suitable for all known wheelbases and pedal mounts and direct-drive ready, this is a perfect option for sim racing enthusiasts.


Constructed with CNC aluminum tubing, the With a detailed included manual, the RaceX Pro Chassis is a premium sim racing cockpit built with proven premium materials. The assembly of the sim racing cockpit is incredibly easy compared to other cockpits available on the market.

Ergonomics is a clear standout with the RaceX pro Chassis as the wheel and pedal deck are fully adjustable. This sim racing cockpit is a rigid aluminum tube frame to support steering wheelbases and pedals from all popular brands such as Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and Simucube. There are multiple pre-dilled holes which can support all wheelbase types from major brands. It’s height adjustable, so you will find an angle that suits your racing posture. It’s also incredibly rigid as it’s supported by a struct component underneath the wheel deck. Similarly, the pedal deck is constructed for a solid piece of 0.6cm thick metal, which makes it incredibly rigid when applying strong braking force. Additionally, the pedal deck is fully compatible with all major brands including Fanatec and Heusinkveld. The angle of the pedal deck can be adjusted to suit your liking as well.

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