Playseat Trophy

Playseat Trophy Review 2022

Developed with input from real racing drivers and e-sport athletes, the Playseat Trophy is a ground-breaking piece of engineering. Crafted from 20+ years of experience and research, the Playseat Trophy is here to change the game

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Playseat Trophy

Playseat Trophy

The Playseat Trophy offers extraordinary comfort and durability that can handle the most rigorous force feedback outputs from direct drive wheel bases. This is an exceptionally well design sim racing cockpit that’s light, practical and aesthetic.

Playseat Trophy Features

There are a vast array of features to appreciate about on the Playseat Trophy. However, the key aspects that we will be highlighting are the build quality, ergonomics and compatibility.

Build Quality

The Playseat Trophy is the first product to feature Playseat’s frameless structure. The construction of the frame is extremely durable and adapts itself naturally to the body of the racer. This stimulates a comfortable racing experience for any sim racer. One of the unique design elements featured in the Playseat Trophy is the breathable Playseat® ActiFit™ material. This material supports active cooling, enabling the driver to race in long competitive sessions without breaking a sweat. Overall, the unique and patented integrated design features maximum performance, quality and comfort.


In terms of ergonomics, the Playseat Trophy is an excellent option that features full customisation for seat adjustment. It’s possible to adjust the seat height, backrest, seat hardness, bucket seat feeling, pedal plate and steering wheelbase. Undoubtedly, with the Playseat Trophy, the driver will find their ideal racing position and provide them with a competitive edge. Additionally, the open cockpit design facilitates for more leg room, providing more comfort and freedom to perform any braking technique such as heel-and-toe.


The open cockpit design of the Playseat Trophy is made out of various steel alloys and space grade aluminium details. This makes the racing seat as light as possible yet enhancing the optimisation for direct drive wheel bases. Whether you plan on using a 25 Nm Direct Drive wheel base like the Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD2 or a Logitech G29, this Playseat will accomodate to any force feedback output. The pedal plate can support major brands such as Heusinkveld, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, etc.

Playseat Trophy
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The Playseat Trophy offers a unique design that carers towards sim racers who are looking for a sleek cockpit that can handle the torque of direct drive wheels. However, if you are looking for other alternatives, you can also refer to our latest article on the Best Sim Racing cockpits!

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