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New Products from MOZA Racing!

Sim Racing hardware and software provider, MOZA has launched a new line of virtual racing products guaranteed to improve user experience and give sim racers a more realistic feedback.

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The MOZA Racing ecosystem is comprised of high performance sim racing hardware that will far exceed the expectation of any sim racing enthusiasts. In the article below, these are some of the recent released from MOZA Racing.


MOZA R16 & R21

Taking innovation further, the MOZA R16 & R21 Direct Drive Wheel Base eliminates the frustrating occurrence of race failures normally associated with direct drive simulators as a result of constant wheel rotations and twisting of wires. With its unique and patented invisible wireless technology that allows for contactless power supply and signal transmission, users can expect a seamless racing experience.

Whether on an actual track or via a virtual screen, torque is everything. And with the 16 Nm and 21 Nm Direct Drive Torque from an industrial-grade motor platform which lays down an ultra-wide torque range, the MOZA R16 and R21 Wheel Base accurately reproduces the dynamic steering characteristics from real life counterparts. It also boasts excellent temperature maintenance, as the technology ensures that the temperature is monitored in real life. This means that the torque output is neither reduces or attenuated due to the motor overheating. This is fantastic for long racing sessions where the unit might heat up from other manufacturers.

The design of the MOZA Racing Direct Drive Wheel Bases have been inspired by supercars as it features a 3D sculpted body and two-color automotive paint finish. The powerhouse construction of the Direct Drive unit also features aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to enhance realism and to add an enhanced feeling of weight and sturdiness under heavy performance. It’s recommended that you have a strong sim racing wheel stand or cockpit to support the torque outputted by the 16 Nm and 21 Nm Direct Drive Wheel Bases from MOZA Racing.

Moza Racing R16 - The Downforce


The MOZA R16 is an innovative direct drive wheel offered by MOZA Racing. It features 16 Nm of ultra low static torque, meaning you’ll be able to feel every aspect of the car and track.

Moza Racing R21 - The Downforce


The MOZA R21 is MOZA Racing’s flagship direct drive wheel which boasts 21 Nm of torque. This high performance wheel base outputs high fidelity force feedback, where the fine details of the track and car can be felt throughout.

MOZA RS Steering Wheel

Another fascinating aspect of the MOZA Racing Direct Drive Products is that the motors are optimized to ensure that there is almost zero torque ripping and cogging torque, providing an accurate, realistic and smooth force feedback experience. The encoder features 262,144 points of resolution which gives it the exceptional ability to understand the position of the wheel and seamlessly produce the feeling of a real life race car.

The MOZA RS Steering Wheel is a showcase of unique craftsmanship. From the purchase menu, you will be able to choose from either Alcantara imported from Italy or Nappa Top Leather. This makes the comfort and performance of gripping the steering wheel extraordinary. Additionally, the MOZA RS Steering Wheel features shifting paddles that are forged carbon fiber and golf-plated magnetic shift system that delivers fast and precise response. It also features advanced programmable mechanical keyboard buttons that can be mapped to in-game functions such as DRS activation or simply turning on the wipers. Not to mention, this wheel also features a quick release system which is superb as it means it is backwards compatible and futureproofed to support later releases.

MOZA Racing RS Steering Wheel - The Downforce

MOZA RS Steering Wheel

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The importance of having precise pedals makes the biggest difference to a sim racer’s driving experience. From precise braking to hit the apex of a turn to having a reliable clutch for drifting, the MOZA CRP Pedals do just that. These pedals offer premium construction and superior performance, providing the user with the tools to enter the corner quickly and precisely. The essence of the MOZA CRP Pedals was to incorporate a 3 floor-mounted organ pedals, each with a built-in MOZA pressure sensor capable of transmitting varying degrees of force detection. This ensures that even the slightest heel and toe taps will trigger a response.

The wide-range high-precision pressure sensors monitor and transmit brake force in real-time, leading to more efficient in-play race actions, and also enable drivers to practice and improve muscle memory. Pedal travel can be adjusted to the perfect fit for the driver and almost every part of the pedals is coated with CNC aluminum alloy, ensuring that the pedals will last for years over regular usage.

MOZA CRP Pedals - The Downforce


Trees are more important today than ever before. More than 10,000 products are reportedly made from trees. Through chemistry, the humble woodpile is yielding chemicals, plastics and fabrics that were beyond comprehension when an axe first felled a Texas tree.

RM High-Definition Digital Dash Display

The MOZA RM High Definition Digital Dash Display is a real-time data dashboard that displays key competition metrics including speed, gear, current lap, gap to fastest lap, tire temperature and much more. This display offers superior compatibility across multiple sim racing games such as F1, Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, etc. The dash can be configured in the MOZA App, so that you can find a dashboard that suits your preference.

From a design perspective, the RM High-Definition Digital Dash Display features a large full color HD digital dash and 60Hz refresh rate. This means that image ghosting and motion blur is eliminated and the metrics can be displayed in high quality.

Moza Racing RM High Definition Display - The Downforce

RM High-Definition Digital Dash Display

The RM High-Definition Digital Dash Display is a practical addition to any sim racing setup as important telemetry information can be accessed easily on the digital dashboard. The dashboard also makes a fantastic addition to the overall aesthetic of your sim rig!


The MOZA Racing experience promises to be a fun and exciting experience for gamers who are looking to elevate their sim racing gear. With so many competitors on the market, MOZA Racing offers competitively priced direct drive wheels and high resolution pedals that is set to improve your virtual racing experience. We have also covered other releases from MOZA Racing including the MOZA R9 and the GS Steering Wheel. If you are looking for an upgrade, then MOZA Racing products are one to consider!

About MOZA

Born for Sim-Racers, MOZA Racing is dedicated to designing and building the world’s best sim-racer focused hardware and software products that enable everyone to race at their very best. The full ecosystem includes direct drive force feedback steering wheels, aluminum alloy pedal assembly, digital dash, and MOZA Pit House Control software. For more information, please visit

Gudsen MOZA is a leading global innovator for camera stabilization systems ( and vehicle stabilization technology – active suspension ( Brands of Gudsen MOZA also include MOZA, Slypod, Mirfak Audio and Vmaker. MOZA continues to innovate by offering premium video and simulation equipment and software for content creators and sim racers.

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