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MOZA Racing Launched 2 New Products: Bring Your Sim Racing to A New Level!

March 10th, 2022: Sim racing hardware and software provider Moza Racing launched two new sim racing products today, which are MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base and MOZA GS Steering Wheel . They were designed and developed in line with MOZA’s dedication to innovate the world of sim racing by always providing ever better hardware and software solutions.

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The MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase and MOZA GS Steering Wheel are sure to offer you sensational feelings and unbeatable performance with a wealth of improved features.

Product Overview

MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase

According to MOZA Racing, MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase features 9 Nm exceptional torque and professional servo direct drive, which could meet the gaming and training needs of most racers and offer realistic racing experience both on the road and in the car. The R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase also features an intelligent motor temperature control system for monitoring the temperature of the motor and electronic components in real-time to ensure the stable operation in endurance competition through temperature control strategies.

Designed with an aviation-grade aluminum alloy fuselage and armed with zero latency wireless technology, the R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase is lightweight, durable, and stable.

In addition, R9 is fully compatible with the MOZA ecosystem. It could be connected to MOZA RS/GS steering wheel, CRP paddle, meter, etc., to meet the diversified needs of individual users.

Moza Racing R9 - The Downforce

MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase

  • 9 Nm Torque
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Easy Assemble
  • Wireless Power & Communication
  • APP Cloud Control

MOZA GS Steering Wheel

The MOZA GS Steering Wheel impressed the professional and seasoned sim racers with its 300mm GT standard racing wheel, which looks cool and feels great! The wheel framework is made with CNC machined high intensity 5mm-thick forged carbon fiber to guarantee toughness and durability.

The dual clutch magnetic shifter paddles of MOZA GS could be used to perform dual clutch starting in iRacing and F1 competitions and the contactless photoelectric technology it uses guarantee the stable and safe operation.

Sim racers will find the connection between the steering wheel and the base as stable as rocks, thanks to its customized quick-release derived from the quick- release design of the steering wheel of a real racing car. On top of that, all the buttons, thumb knobs, and shifter paddles are ergonomically positioned for quick access.

Moza Racing GS Steering Wheel

MOZA GS Steering Wheel

  • Alcantara
  • Forged carbon fibre
  • Magnetic and photoelectric sensor
  • Programmable mechanical keyboards buttons
  • Customized quick release
  • RGB shift indicator

About MOZA

Sim racers fascinated by the innovative new products can visit the company’s website to learn more about their pricing and specifications.
Founded by automotive engineers and sim racing drivers in 2012, Gudsen Moza is a leading innovator in camera stabilization systems ( ) vehicle stability technology ( ) and racing simulators ( ). MOZA Racing is determined to create innovative and professional sim racing equipment that drivers can depend on for quality and endurance.

For more information, please contact: Shenzhen Gudsen Technology Co., Ltd

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