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F1 22 Game – New Features and Launch Date Confirmed!

Codemasters and Electronic Arts have confirmed the F1 22 game is set to release on July 1st. This is now available for pre-order on all platforms! By making a pre-order, racers will attain three-days of early access and a time-limited Miami-inspired content pack.

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After much anticipation, Codemasters and EA have finally revealed the F1 22 game. There’s an abundance of new features that will be introduced in the popularized motorsport game. This includes the new era of Formula 1 cars with overhauled rules, circuit changes to Abu Dhabi and Australia, F1 Sprint and other exciting features that we will discuss further in the article.

F1 22 - Preorder

F1 22 New Features and Updates

Below are some of the new features and updates that we know so far coming to F1 22 that’s been revealed.

Vehicle and Physics Update

From the onset, there’s been massive changes to the F1 cars in the new season. The revisions will include the new shape of the rear wings, back canopies and wheel guards. Essentially every component that distinguishes the current F1 car from last season’s. Alongside the real world changes to the visual modelling of the vehicle, Codemasters and EA have also updated the physics to accommodate the new aero rules and also reworked the tire model. This makes the handling of the vehicle more true to life.

F1 Life

F1 Life has been one of the spotlight features included in F1 22. This is essentially a customizable hub which allows drivers to showcase their supercars, clothing and accessories earned via gameplay, Podium Pass and in-game store.

Circuit Update

The new 22 circuits will be included in the standard configuration at launch. This includes the newly introduced Miami Grand Prix Circuit and circuit changes that have been applied to both Australia and Abu Dhabi.

Adaptive AI

Adaptive AI is a new feature that provides racers with the opportunity to match their skill-set with AI that’s tailored to their skill level, which is perfect for both beginners and veterans alike.

VR Compatibility

For the first time ever, Codemasters and EA have added PC VR functionality for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. This gives racers the opportunity to be fully submerged in the blitzing speeds of Formula 1 cars.

Latest Announcement Trailer by F1 22


There’s definitely some very exciting changes coming to F1 22 that will make the game few completely different from F1 2021, while maintaining its fundamentals.

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