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Fanatec CSL Pedals Review

The CSL Pedals are a fantastic addition to any sim racer’s arsenal. These pedals provide an immersive racing experience that’s unlike anything else on the market for its current price. These high performance pedals are built to withstand heavy load and are built to last, making it a great investment for any sim racer. In this article, we will delve into the features of the CSL Pedals and why they should be on your list to purchase!

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CSL Pedals

CSL Pedals

These pedals offer superior performance for its price and with its modular nature, there are many upgrades which can enhanced the feel of the pedals. We highly recommend the CSL Pedals LC (Load Cell).

CSL Pedals Features

The CSL Pedals is positioned to be the successor of the CSL Elite Pedals as it offers a broad range of improvements. These are the cheapest pedals ever sold by Fanatec, but don’t underestimate the impressive performance and reliability of these pedals. Below are some of the best features about the CSL Pedals that you just won’t find in similar priced pedals on the competitive market.


The CSL Pedals feature heavy all-steel construction meaning that it will be able to withstand the heavy braking and throttling inputs. Additionally, the stiffer spring on the brake pedal combined with the PU foam damper provides a heavy, progressive feeling. The heavy steel construction also helps if this is unmounted as it will stay firmly put to the ground. Overall, the design of the CSL Pedals are built to last.


The CSL Pedals offers great performance at its price point and outcasts many of its competitors including the included pedals from the Logitech G29. Both the brake and throttle axes uses a precision Hall-effect sensor. The first impression you will get from these pedals are that it feels very smooth and solid with no flex on the pedals at all due to the heavy duty steel construction.

This pedal set also offers great ergonomics as it’s highly adjustable. Typically sim racing pedals at this price point don’t offer much customization when it comes to the option of adjusting the spacing and pedal plate height placement. However, with the CSL Pedals, it allows you to find comfort in the spacing which is preferred. Additionally, these pedals can easily be mountable to a broad range of sim rigs.

CSL Pedals
Rear angle of the CSL Pedals.


If you are looking for performance upgrades, the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit is highly recommended as it will allow you to brake with more confidence and consistency. With the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit, it measures your braking based on pressure rather than travel. This means that the pedal feel replicates the braking in a real car which offers a more comfortable and familiar drive.

CSL Pedals
CSL Pedals with the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit.

Out the box, the CSL Pedals come with plastic face plates, which are upgradable to the optional CSL Pedals Tuning Kit which adds to the finishing touches of the premium minimalistic design of the CSL Pedals.

CSL Pedals
CSL Pedals Tuning Kit.

If you are a drifter or you typically drive a manual vehicle in game, then you will want to opt in for the CSL Pedals Clutch Kit as well. With the plug and play system, you can smoothly transition to a traditional manual transmission . This is the most affordable upgrade to the CSL Pedals and is definitely recommended if you want to experience a manual drive.


The CSL Pedals offer great compatibility across both PC and consoles. On PC, the CSL Pedals package does not come with a USB connector and must be connected directly to a compatible Fanatec Wheel Base. If you intend to operate the pedals as a standalone device, then you will need to purchase a ClubSport USB Adapter to plug directly into your PC. However, if you purchase the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit, then you won’t have to purchase the ClubSport USB Adapter as it will include one.

Similarly for consoles, the pedal set can be used on PlayStation or Xbox when connected through a Fanatec Wheel Base or Steering Wheel. However, the ClubSport USB Adapter will not work on consoles unfortunately.


The Fanatec CSL Pedals is the pinnacle of price to performance hardware. These pedals offer many great features, that compliments any sim racer. This includes excellent performance, premium construction, unique upgradability and great compatibility across all platforms.

If you are looking for a higher-end option, then the Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 is one to consider instead!

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