CSL Elite Pedals V2

CSL Elite Pedals V2 Review – Noticeable Upgrade!

Fanatec has finally released a new pedal set, after over a year since the release of the CSL Pedals. The CSL Elite Pedals V2 offers a variety of features that’s built to help you achieve faster and more consistent lap times. Keep reading on below to find out more about the pedal set!

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The Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 are priced competitively. However, the CSL Elite Pedals V2 offer no compromise in terms of it’s performance and build quality as it’s arguably one of the best in it’s given price range. Priced in at $299.95 USD, the pedal set offers up to date refinements and improvements which outperforms many rivaled products.

Superior Performance

From the onset, the CSL Elite Pedals V2 has been redefined with an overhauled load cell brake, Hall sensors on throttle and clutch and many other amendments to the overall design. Both the throttle and brake axes utilizes the precision Hall-effect sensors. In essence, the sensors measure the pedal position using magnets, which allows for greater durability and more consistent performance.

Additionally, one of the contrasting difference between the CSL Elite Pedals V2 and the first generation, is that the brake pedal has been completely reworked to include a new custom load cell sensor. With the load cell sensor, this means that force is measured by force rather than position. This provides a realistic level of resistance when applying braking force, allowing you to race consistently and picking up additional time in the sharper corners.

The rework of the braking system has also been refined to include a dual-stage brake action. This is made possible through the adjustable, tool-free elastomer stack that incorporates a coil spring to stimulate the initial movement of the brake pad to the disc. The firmness of the pedal travel easily be tweaked through the included elastomer springs. This pedal set differs from the ClubSport Pedals V3, as the elastomer springs on that pedal set needs to be purchased separately. Hence, this is definitely an advantage and sought after feature on the new pedal set.

Premium Design

The presence of Fanatec’s engineering is clearly evident in the CSL Elite Pedals V2. The pedal arms, faces and heel rests are all made from cast and machined aluminum and coated in a durable powder-coated finished. There’s also additional bracing which helps provide rigidity and stability under heavy performance on pedals set.

Compared to many pedal sets in the same price range, the modularity of the CSL Elite Pedals V2 is definitely one of the key advantages of the new pedal set. The detachable rubber pads on the pedal service provides you with the choice to pick between pedal faces with high or low friction. This is vital in ensuring comfort when applying braking. Personally, my preference is to have a smoother, rubber brake pedal while having a more coarse throttle face.

The modularity of the pedal set extends beyond swapping between pedal faces. The pedal set has the ability to adjust pedal position horizontally across the heel rest. In fact, each of the pedals can be individually mounted without the heel rest, directly to your sim rig. Additionally, for those who don’t utilize the clutch, you can easily configure the CSL Elite Pedals V2 as a two-pedal set. It’s definitely a stark advantage for those who are a bit more nit picky with pedal positioning.


The CSL Elite Pedals V2 is fully compatible with PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X|S consoles and PC. For those who plan to use this on console, you’ll need to ensure you have a Fanatec Wheel base, which the pedal set will connect to. For PC, you’ll have the option to connect directly to your wheel base or to use the included RJ12 cable to connect directly to your USB port.


For those who are looking for a premium pedal set that doesn’t require you to break your bank, then the CSL Elite Pedals V2 offer a premium experience for a lower cost of entry. It offers zero compromise in terms of performance and build quality. The improved qualities of the pedal set will help improve your lap times, achieving greater consistency and confidence when cornering.

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