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2022 Bahrain Grand Prix Updates

The 2022 Formula 1 season has officially commenced, with the first Friday Practice Session (FP1) in Bahrain.

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Race Results

Charles Leclerc has won the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday after starting on pole position. In just the first race, Leclerc has showcased the tremendous speed, reliability and power in the Ferrari car. Sainz also finished second with an incredible performance as well.

“That’s exactly how we should start the season,” Leclerc yelled exuberantly on the radio.

Red Bull’s day had turned into disaster when Max Verstappen was forced to retire after his car had lost its power in the closing stages of the race. Red Bull’s mishaps also saw a conclusive end to Perez’s race as his engine had cut out in the first turn of the final lap. This lead to Hamilton finishing on the podium after what was meant to be a damage mitigation race.

Charles Leclerc1:37:33.58426
Carlos Sainz Jr.+5.598s18
Lewis Hamilton+9.675s15
George Russell+11.211s12
Kevin Magnussen+14.754s10
Valteri Bottas+16.119s8
Estoban Ocon+19.423s6
Yuki Tsunoda+20.386s4
Fernando Alonso+22.390s2
Guanyu Zhou+32.574s1
Mick Schumacker+45.873s0
Lance Stroll+45.873s0
Alexander Albon+53.932s0
Daniel Ricciardo+43.975s0
Lando Norris+56.335s0
Nicholas Latifi+61.795s0
Nico Hülkenberg+63.829s0
Sergio PerezDNF0
Max VerstappenDNF0
Pierre GaslyDNF0
Race Day Results
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Qualifying Results

In an intense qualifying session, Charles Leclerc finishes on top with the fastest time of 1m 30.558s. Verstappen and Sainz trail by 0.123s and 0.129s respectively.

Grand Prix
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FP3 Results

After two extensive practice sessions on Friday, FP3 sets out with a similar result to FP2. Verstappen leads all drivers with a lap time of 1m 32.544s which is almost one tenth of a second faster than Charles Leclerc who had his personal best at 1m 32.640s in FP3.

Russell is the fastest driver for Mercedes, who finished fourth in both FP3 and FP2. Similarly, Hamilton had finished in sixth position which was the same result as FP2.

Driver & TeamTime
Verstappen, Red Bull1m 32.544s
Leclerc, Ferrari1m 32.640s
Perez, Red Bull1m 32.791s
Russell, Mercedes1m 32.935s
Sainz, Ferrari1m 33.053s
Hamilton, Mercedes1m 33.121s
Magnussen, Haas1m 33.437s
Bottas, Alfa Romeo1m 33.733s
Zhou, Alfa Romeo1m 33.880s
Stroll, Aston Martin1m 33.920s
FP3 Fastest Lap Times

Qualifying will begin at 3 pm GMT.

Grand Prix
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FP2 Results

Pierre Gasly was the fastest in FP1 for AlphaTauri but Max Verstappen took the edge in FP2, leading all racers with a time of 1m 31.936s. The two Ferrari drivers closed in at second and third, with a 0.364s and 0.418s gap respectively behind Max.

Hamilton again lags behind, finishing in ninth for FP2. Hamilton insists that the issue is with the car and they are not ready to win the race this Sunday. “As you can see, we are a long way off. We are not bluffing like people assumed we were. We will work as hard as we can through it and do what we can”.

Lewis also added “I’m just realistic, we won’t be in the race for a win here. If you look at Red Bull they are a long way ahead. It’s in the region of eight or nine tenths ahead of us and Ferrari are something like five or six tenths ahead of us, so we are fighting and scrapping with whoever is behind them”.

Similar connotation poised by Hamilton’s new teammate, George Russell as he was also negative about his team’s chances going into qualifying and race. “I Think it’s clear we’re certainly not where we want to be. I think we made a bit of progress, but the pace is just not here at the moment”.

The results have not changed between P2 and P4 with Leclerc finishing second, Sainz third and Russell at fourth.

Drive & TeamTime
Verstappen, Red Bull1m 31.936s
Leclerc, Ferrari1m 32.023s
Sainz, Ferrari1m 32.520s
Russell, Mercedes1m 32.529s
Alonso, Alpine1m 32.877s
Bottas, Alfa Romeo1m 32.951s
Perez, Red Bull1m 32.958s
Schumacher, Haas1m 33.144s
Hamilton, Mercedes1m 33.144s
Magnussen, Haas1m 33.183s
FP2 Fastest Lap Times
Grand Prix
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FP1 Results

AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly is on top in the first session of 2022, followed by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz representing Scuderia Ferrari!

Lewis Hamilton was only seventh in the first practice for Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix as Pierre Gasly finished first on the leaderboard. Hamilton’s new teammate, George Russell finishes fourth ahead of the reigning champion Max Verstappen.

Driver & TeamTime
Gasly, AlphaTauri1m 34.193s
Leclerc, Ferrari1m 34.557s
Sainz, Ferrari 1m 34.611s
Russell, Mercedes1m 34.629s
Verstappen, Red Bull1m 34.742s
Stroll, Aston Martin1m 34.814s
Hamilton, Mercedes1m 34.943s
Alonso, Alpine1m 35.000s
Tsunoda, AlphaTauri1m 35.028s
Perez, Red Bull1m 35.050s
FP1 Fastest Lap Times
Grand Prix
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